What makes us different?

What makes us different?

Today there are plenty of recovery companies online, or at least pretending to be recovery companies. Most of them are either expensive, asking for 10% upfront fee to take on your case, or they don’t do anything about your case at all, they just take your money and pretend they are recovering your funds. These types of companies have given the bad name to the recovery services.

That is where we come in

CashRegain was founded with the purpose of setting a new standard in the fraud recovery industry. We are honest with our clients, and the recovery process is transparent. While we would be happy to assist our clients for free, or at least in a No Win No Fee model, it would currently be impossible.

This company is new and we can’t sustain that business model yet, so we are charging a minimal fee to our clients to stay afloat. As the company grows, we will make the transition to a No Win No Fee model.

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